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Addicted to Love by Jennifer Wilck ❤️ Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway ❤️ (Contemporary Romance)

Dan Rothberg struggled after an accident killed his wife and he nearly lost custody of his daughter. He can no longer allow himself to get attached to anything or anyone. Until he meets Hannah.

Hannah Cohen is a young executive with a meddlesome grandmother and a troubled brother. She’d like nothing better than to find her own Mr. Right, after too many Mr. Wrongs. A sexy older man with a teenage daughter was never in her plans.

As they navigate their relationship through adolescent attitudes and grandmotherly interference, they realize age is just a number and love can be right in front of them. But when the terrible truth of Dan’s former struggles is exposed, Hannah must decide if she can get past his deception and allow love to conquer all.

“What are we looking at?” she whispered out of the side of her mouth, pursing her lips together and giving him an insane urge to kiss them.
“I assumed since we’re standing here you must be looking at something, and I wanted to join in the fun. Or did you not realize we weren’t moving?”
Her nostrils flared and she bit her lip. Dan realized she was trying not to laugh. Now he really wanted to kiss her, to capture her mouth with his, to make her his own. Before he could act on it, his stomach growled.
“Was that yours or mine?” She looked at him, an eyebrow raised.
His lips twitched. His breath hitched. He couldn’t keep his amusement to himself any longer. It bubbled in his chest, and he let it out as he shook his head.
“Okay, while I am older than you, I’m not old enough to be senile. Yet. So yes, I did know we weren’t moving. But thanks for that. And yes, my stomach growled, because I’m hungry. Except I think I need to put eating on hold for a moment, because what I need more than anything else right now, what I’ve needed all night long in fact, is to kiss you.”


Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Duke Meets His Match by Tina Gabrielle ❤️ Review, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway ❤️ (Historical Romance)

The daughter of an infamous art forger, Chloe Somerton grew up poor. Desperate to aid her sisters, she’d picked a pocket…or two. Now circumstances have changed, and Chloe has a chance to marry a young, wealthy lord. Only his mentor—a dark, dangerous duke—stands in her way. The duke knows about her past, and she’ll do anything to keep him from telling.

The moment Michael Keswick, the Duke of Cameron, sees Chloe Somerton, he recognizes her as a fraud. The stunning beauty with sapphire eyes and golden hair now appears to be a proper lady, but he knows better. What begins as a battle of wills soon escalates into a fierce attraction. In Chloe, Michael finds peace from the memories of war, but he refuses to marry…and she won’t settle for anything less.

I couldn't put it down!

I'll be completely honest; I wasn't sure if I'd like this book in the beginning, given how the synopsis read and how the story initially progressed. I formed certain opinions about Chloe in particular that gave me a "meehhhhh, not too sure about this book" feeling.

But, as the book went on and I learned more about Chloe and Michael, I LOVED it.

Talk about tortured. Michael, a battle-hardened war veteran, finds himself dealing with a certain affliction that I shall not name for fear of spoiling the story. His suffering was very well-written, and I was so happy that it eventually became a blessing in disguise.

And Chloe. She was no shrinking violet, that's for sure. I liked how she stood up to Michael and also took her fate into her own hands.

I met Chloe's two sisters, and I can't wait to double-back and read their stories as well! (This is totally a standalone book, but I loved this family so much I want to get to know them all!)

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

Chloe rapped softly on the door and waited. When there was no response, her fingers grazed the handle. She knew entering a man’s bedchamber was recklessly improper, but she thrust the thought aside. She’d seen the duke—Michael—last night. He’d clearly suffered from shock when the fireworks had exploded at the end of Madame Saqui’s performance at Vauxhall Gardens. She’d witnessed the flash of wild grief that had ripped through him…had glimpsed his pain and inner turmoil in the depths of his eyes. In his mind, he’d been transported back to the horrors of battle.
Without further hesitation, she pushed the door open. The room was dim and her eyes took a moment to adjust. A ray of sunlight that penetrated between the nearly closed curtains provided sufficient light to see. It was a purely masculine room with mahogany Chippendale furniture, a plush Oriental carpet, an escritoire in the corner, and a leather chair by the window. But it was the enormous fourposter that dominated the room—a bed large enough to fit a man well over six feet tall—that drew her eye.
The duke lay in the bed, sprawled on his back in a restless sleep. Heart pounding, Chloe tiptoed close and then stopped breathing at the sight of his bare chest. Unable to stop herself, she stared. Ropes of muscle defined his broad shoulders, biceps, and sculpted chest. His skin was bronzed, and she wondered how he exposed himself to the sun. Her knees grew weak as an image of him riding shirtless arose in her mind. A sprinkling of hair trailed down his flat stomach and disappeared beneath the bedclothes that covered the lower half of his body. One long, muscular leg was uncovered where he’d kicked the linens aside. The raw power of his body nearly stole her breath. With a start, she realized that he slept naked and hadn’t bothered with a nightshirt. Had he sent his valet scurrying out of the room last night?
She’d never seen a man’s naked chest before, but she knew without a doubt, that no one else of her acquaintance could ever compare.
Certainly not Henry.
Michael had the body of a soldier. He appeared strong and muscled from hours of disciplined training. He was no dandy or coxcomb or spoiled aristocrat who’d never known physical labor. Her fingers trembled with the need to touch his flesh, to run her fingers down his chest.
Deep lines slashed between his dark brows, and he tossed on the bed. “Gavin…no…no. Look out!”
Chloe’s eyes flew to his face, and a heavy feeling settled low in her stomach at his distress. He was clearly in the throes of a nightmare. Whatever feelings she had for him, desire and anger, her heart ached to see him in pain. She reached out to touch his arm and lowered her voice to a whisper. “Your Grace.”
He moved so fast she didn’t have a second to breathe. Her wrist was caught in a powerful grip and she was pulled down and across his chest. He rolled, taking her with him and pinning her beneath him. Engulfed by his weight, she couldn’t move an inch.
Her heart slammed against her chest. She was aware of every rigid angle, every powerful muscle, and his hardness pressing between her thighs made her inhale sharply at the contact. His dark visage was fierce and unyielding as he hovered above her, and she experienced a trepidation of fear.
He’d reacted instinctively, like an experienced soldier who’d been threatened.
“Your Grace!” She gasped. “It’s Chloe.”
He blinked and focused on her face inches from his. “Chloe?”
“Yes…yes. It’s me.”
His merciless hold on her arms eased. “Why are you here?”
“I…I was worried about you after last night.”
His mouth was set in a grim line, his gaze narrowed and determined. “Christ. I could have killed you. Crushed you as easily as a twig. How the hell did you get into my bedchamber?”
“Your butler and housekeeper told me you were still abed.”
One dark eyebrow shot upward. “I’m surprised either permitted you to enter here.”
“They didn’t. I let myself up here.”
“Why does that not surprise me?”
His voice lowered to an intimate whisper and she became even more aware of his hardness pressed against the apex of her thighs. The coverlet had fallen aside so that a thin sheet and her own clothing were the only barriers between them.
Sweet Lord. His manhood seemed so…large. She should have been more afraid—any proper female would have been—but Chloe had never been proper, had she? Instead her initial fear ebbed as she lay soft and pliant beneath him. The physical contact stoked a gently burning fire, and she was powerless to stop the wicked thoughts that came to mind. She was wildly curious by nature, and the hushed whispers of the servants and her own married sisters when they thought she wasn’t listening had always fascinated her.
She couldn’t stop wondering: what would it be like to know the duke intimately. Would he be gentle or demanding or both?
Their gazes locked, and a corner of his lips turned up in a wicked smile as if he sensed what she was thinking. His pupils expanded, black and gold flecks in his eyes. “I suppose I should be grateful for your impetuous nature which led you here. At last, I have you right where I want you.”


Till the Other Side of Time by Kris Embrey ❤️ Q&A, Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway ❤️ (Contemporary Romance)

This is the final chapter of Tell Me You Want Me as told by the cast of characters Leon, Bridgette, Gina and Sebastian.

Set in the music world of the late eighties, Gina Kelly and Leon Turner take off for Greece after a tumultuous tour with Tin Garden. Leon leaves Gina at the Acropolis to contemplate her life and soul mission. Is there a surprise waiting for Gina. Is it Sebastian? Things are not always as they seem in the world of rock and roll when Tin Garden are not on stage. Sebastian makes amends to clean-up his act as he moves out of the spotlight and into rehab and we start to wonder if his brother Rick has been the driving force of Sebastian’s problems all along. Gina leaves her singing career behind for motherhood, when Sebastian wants to have one last party before making a huge decision that will have a profound impact on his future with Tin Garden.

The author gives a final non-fiction version at the end into her personal journey in writing when the antagonist Sebastian, manifested into the authors personal life after her first book was published. Embrey shares her writing journey of Tell Me You Want Me, when the book took on a life of it’s own, and leaves one to wonder the age old question; does art imitate life, or does life imitate art.

What makes your book different from other books like it?

Till the Other Side of Time is written from the POV of the main character’s in their own dedicated chapters; Leon, Gina, Bridgette and Sebastian. My style of writing leans more on dialog.

Is this book part of a series?

Yes; You’ll need to read Tell Me You Want Me to understand the story in it’s entirety.

What do you want readers to take away from your writing?

I want people to now that fated love does exist. You can have it; but be careful what you ask for, because you will get exactly what you ask for.

How did you learn about the topic? (i.e. personal experience, education, etc.)

The rock and roll setting in this series come from working in the music industry, and being married to 2 musicians; understanding the wife of a musician, and how their counter-parts spend their office time in home studios. The love story between Gina and Sebastian; their intensity, was based on a deep soul-mate type connection; they were a fated couple meant to be together. Some may call it Twin Souls or Twin Flames if you will. These types of relationships can defy common logic, but spirituality, they make sense.

Having researched Jung’s theory on synchronicity after my 1st book was published due to synchronic events that would have a profound effect on my writing; stemming from manifesting the fictional character Sebastian, into my personal life. The experience forced me to re-think what purpose was my writing actually serving. Say you concoct a fictional person in your mind, you give them all the attributes of a real person; hair color, eye color, height and mannerisms and then you write and publish the book. Now let’s say, a few months later you meet someone with an eerie resemblance to that fictional character you concocted they have all of the mannerisms, and even looks like the illustration on your book cover.
Would you change the trajectory of that character’s storyline book based on a similarity? I was faced with this decision when writing this book.


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Prairie Muse by SS Hampton Sr ❤️ Exclusive Excerpt, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway ❤️ (Erotic Romance)

The fireworks are about to begin as the sexual adventure of Rachel and Burt Markham continues. Small business owners and happily married couple of 20+ years, they live in the small town of Four Corners, Kansas. The year before, with the permission and encouragement of her husband, Rachel had the freedom to explore the depth of her sensuality through having her first Bull. After saying farewell to her Bull, Rachel and Burt settle back into the routine of small town life. Then, African-American frustrated artist and new fireworks territory sales manager Horus Grant arrives in Four Corners. He is searching for new sales territory for the Missouri-based company and wants to open a fireworks stand next to Rachel and Burt’s seed and feed store. Outwardly friendly and personable, he is plagued by hidden demons. Though based in near-by Wichita, Horus finds himself returning to Four Corners again and again, and not because of the fireworks stand. Rachel is also drawn to him and soon realizes she may hold the key to Horus’s slim chance of defeating his demons, of healing, and learning to live again.

Rachel Markham’s exhausted breathing was slow and deep. She lay on her back in the damp bed, sweaty arm draped over her closed eyes, her raised knees shut tight with heels drawn back toward her ass. In the warm, aromatic loft bedroom she listened to “Roses from the South,” an 1880 waltz composed by legendary Vienna-born Johann Strauss II. The waltz was often played by the Vienna Philharmonic at the annual world famous New Year’s Day Concert that was broadcast around the world.

She heard the rustle of clothing, the ragged sound of a zipper and approaching footsteps muffled by thick carpeting. A deep, unhappy sigh sounded.

Rachel peeked out from under her arm at the husky, broad shouldered figure standing beside the bed with hands in pockets. Her bull Nate, GentlemanNate, looked down at her with a sad, unhappy frown. His sports jacket hung open and a tie was draped over his shoulder.

“You sure about this?” he asked in a surprisingly quiet voice. Normally his voice was firm and commanding as he was.

“We talked about this,” she replied.

“Yeah, but, are you sure you won’t change your mind?”

Rachel moved her arm to her forehead.

“Sweetie, like I said, I need a few months to focus on me, Burt, and Europe. Once I’m on track, well…” Her voice trailed off and she smiled.

She opened her knees and winced; globs of come leaked out of her sore pussy and ass. Nate smiled with self-satisfaction. She frowned, then a small, lusty smirk appeared on her face…